Indlæser Begivenheder

22. november - 16:00

Special: Pitch Training, Oliver Niebuhr 14.00-16.00

“In order for start-ups to grow and establish themselves in the market, their inexperienced and often young entrepreneurs depend on investor capital.”

“The strongest weapon of the entrepreneur in the fight for investor capital is his/her power of persuasion.”

“Charismatic speakers have an easier time building relationships with stakeholders.”

The workshop offers its participants a unique investor-pitch training experience that focuses on the tone of voice and involves the patent-pending method of “Acoustic Charisma Profiling and Training”1 that was developed at the Mads Clausen Institute of the University of Southern Denmark2. We are able to precisely quantify and objectively evaluate a speaker’s tone of voice by linking traditional rhetoric terms like “animated”, “clear, and “fluent” to sex-specific parameter classes and levels of the speaker’s acoustic speech signal. Based on this analysis, we can provide each participant with individual, detailed, and precise instructions on how to improve his/her tone of voice while pitching.

Sted: Thomas-Fincke-Straße 18, Flensborg Dato: 22. november Tidspunkt: 16:00 - 22:00

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